Who Am I?

Look, I’m just an ordinary guy with a vision.

A vision for a better future. A future where we build each other up instead of tearing each other down. A future where we inspire one another to live to the fullest and create a life we can be proud of.

Because life means something different to all of us. We all have a different purpose and different idea of what “living” means. And if we can help each other along the way? If we can inspire one another to stop existing and actually start living?

I think you’ll find life to be more fun, beautiful, and fulfilling than you ever could have imagined.

And that is one hell of a vision I want us all to experience.

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Every week, I send a short email. It may include life lessons or insight I recently learned or tips and strategies I think can benefit you.

And the point of it all is to help change your perspective, gain clarity, or just look at things in a different light. Because I don’t hit send unless you can use the information to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life in one way or another.

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This newsletter started as nothing more than a simple idea and creative outlet. But it soon turned into something so much more.

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Relentlessly pursue your dreams and live a life you’ll remember.


Connor Flynn
Musings on mindset, meaning, and living a more fulfilling life.